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Dental Services We Provide

We love Colorado Springs.  It is our home. We enjoy helping our city's residents by connecting patients with our dentists, providing exceptional family dentistry services.

We provide cosmetic dentistry to our area residents that includes dental implants, veneers and oral surgery.

Gaps in-between teeth can be filled to provide that Hollywood type of smile.  We want you to smile and we want you to smile often and be proud of your smile.  We can provide a complete smile makeover.

Why a Specialized Pediatric dentist?

Our Dentists in Colorado Springs also provide specialized pediatric dentistry in a child friendly environment where we teach children that dental care can be fun.  They understand that children can be very nervous but also have an incredible sense of curiosity and desire to learn.  Special needs can also often be accommodated.

Biological Dentistry  

Worried about Amalgam fillings?  We have you covered. We have holistic mercury free dental services for those desiring biological dentistry. This also includes sealants, composites  and other materials that are free of harmful components

Accidents happen.  And injuries to your teeth are some of them. When you have an urgent need, we also provide emergency dental care.

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We are found extensively on the Web.  Our page found here titled Colorado Springs Front Range Dental Care, highlights many of our recent posts and activities online.

Specialty services include Invisalign, teeth whitening and one day crowns.  Colorado Springs is our home and we care about our patients.  We enjoy not only helping our neighbors with their oral health, but also seeing them around town.  It is a pleasure when a patient says hello in a social setting and is pleased to see us.

Currently accepting new patients.

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Below are some of our recent blog posts.  Please see our blog for full articles.

                 Top Pediatric Blog Posts

Pediatric Guide to Eruption - Your Child's First Teeth

A Baby's First Tooth

A pediatric dentist is uniquely qualified to care for the process of the teeth beginning to appear in the mouth - a process known as eruption.  In addition to the normal 4 years of dental school, our specialized pediatric dentists complete an additional 2 to 3 years of training.  This is to prepare them for the special needs of a baby and young person's growing mouth and jaw.  Part of this additional training focuses on understanding eruption.

Around 6 months of age the first two front teeth appear, much to the delight of the parents. But these are not being created at this time. They are in fact already shaped and growing but reveal themselves over a period of years. And these baby teeth are very important.

Teething Tips - Cold Chew Rings

What can you Expect With Your Baby's First Tooth?

A pediatric dentist will see patients with a wide range of ages from infancy to age twenty or twenty one.  Sitting in the office at the same time may be a child less than a year old with teething pain and an adolescent with wisdom teeth problems.  Many parents don't think about a pediatric dentist until the child is a couple years of age but making that first visit by the time your child is 6 months of age is a more prudent decision.

Making the first appointment within six months after first eruption of the first baby tooth or at least by age one is the suggested recommendation.  This will assure the everything is developing correctly and provides the opportunity to address any issues in their early stages.

Tips to Help Your Kids Brush Their Teeth More Often

Kids Can Learn That Brushing is Fun

Even from early childhood on, after you have stopped brushing your kids teeth for them, children need to learn how to do this themselves. More importantly, it needs to become important for them to do this on their own. But how do you get them to want to brush?

Some would think that once they are shown how and told that it is important, that kids would naturally just consistently brush twice a day. But studies and observation tells us that is not the case.

There is no doubt that kids need incentives (not candy incentives!) to make this practice a habit. Incentives can range from wanting to learn to simply understanding the importance of the habit.  

Visit Your Pediatric Dentist Early for Exceptional Teeth

Setting your child's first appointment before the age of one begins a lifelong pattern of exceptional oral health and overall health as a result.

Obviously we consider visiting a pediatric dentist to be an important, in fact crucial, practice. But how common is it for young children to have dental problems? Or how common of an occurrence is it to encounter children who have never visited a dentist?

According to the recent California Health Interview Survey, these dental problems in young children are far too common.

Much of this begins with a lack of education of how to properly care for your teeth.

Pediatric Dentistry and Medicaid - Current Trends & Proposals

Pediatric dentists are increasingly faced with difficult decisions and issues relating to Medicaid patients.   As well, this has become an important issue in this year's election.  It has become particularly current relating to changes in nationwide medical care the past several years,

In several states such as Florida, pediatric dentists are being reimbursed at levels of 50% and less compared to care given to privately insured patients.  In some states long time patients are being turned away by their existing dentists and forced to seek care from new offices.

Utah is one of these heavily effected states. 

Teething Does Not Cause High Fever - Front Range Dental

For  an infant's parents, teething can be a time of incredible excitement and joy.  For the baby, this time can be accompanied by various symptoms such as excessive chewing and drooling.

However, these symptoms are almost always mild.  As well, some children do develop a slight fever when this process starts.  This fever, however, is also mild and short lived.  Unfortunately, many have mistakenly assumed that any fever, even one which is severe, is simply part of the normal process with a new tooth.

Our Pediatric dentists in Colorado Springs have been informing patients that high fever is not normal.Recent studies have shown that severe fevers are not a normal part of teething.  Parents should heed this insight.  Please take the advice of pediatricians.  If your child's fever reaches over 100 or lasts for a day or seems severe in any way, please call your doctor immediately.  This is likely a symptom of an infection.

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          Top Cosmetic Blog Posts

Colorado Springs Porcelain Dental Veneers - A New Smile

You want to look your best.  You may be one of the millions that want to dramatically improve your smile.  Maybe there is just one tooth that is a bit out of place or twisted.  You wonder if even small issues can be fixed or made to look perfect.  If this is you, then perhaps dental veneers might be right for you.

So What Are Veneers?

These are simply thin layers of porcelain laid over the enamel of your existing tooth.  This can help alter size, shape or color.  So what issues can be fixed with this procedure?

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